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Release Date - 9/26/17

I have to say, that if I was reviewing this game for myself, I'd probably give it a score in the 90's. I'm absolutely in love with this little quarterbacking mini-game, but I know that others might not share my passion for it. Every person that plays this game, isn't going to share my love for the vibe and energy I get while playing quarterback in the amazing stadiums that Truant Pixel has created. I've played other VR football mini games, but none has made me really feel like I was standing on the field in a large football stadium on a Saturday or Sunday. A total of  8 different stadiums are on offer in this game, and I really feel like these environments have a very specific vibe that is somewhat magical. The game also gives you the ability to draw up your own plays on the chalkboard and then try to execute them on the field. If you're looking for a colorful football mini-game with a lot of heart, look no further!

Rating - 84

(HTC Vive version reviewed)

(Review code provided by developer or publisher)

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