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2MD VR Football Unleashed Logo 4.png
Release Date - 1/9/20

2MD VR Football: Unleashed by Truant Pixel has arrived on the Oculus Quest. Two big questions we had was would the graphics be significantly watered down, and would the gameplay survive the translation? Good news on both fronts. Graphically, the downgrade is minimal. Go figure, tackling dummies don't use a ton of polygons, so the graphics hardly suffered. The gameplay, also comes through in the clutch. Controls and tracking are extremely solid under most circumstances. I very rarely lost tracking, which is impressive when you think about your typical arm motion bringing the controller pretty close to the HMD. Also, If you have a really big play space, you can set your guardian boundaries far enough and actually scramble around in your own living room! Just don't break your TV!

Rating - 87

2MD VR Football Unleashed 10.jpg
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