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About VR Game Rankings:

Back in April 2017, Anthony Norcia was enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant with his wife when it hit him.  "I think I'm going to start a VR gaming website!", he told her. At that point in time, Anthony was disappointed with the various VR gaming websites currently available. After getting home from the restaurant, he decided to check and see if VR Game Rankings dot com was available, and was genuinely surprised that it was. "I took that as a sign that this must be done. Almost every half-way decent dot com possibility with VR in the title had already been claimed. The fact that this dot com address was free, was confirmation that I must do this. It was a sign from above!" That evening, VR Game Rankings was born. 


Editor in Chief: Anthony Norcia

It seems that Anthony has been chasing the ultimate audio/video experience since the very early 90's. It all started with his first video game console that he purchased with his own money, a TurboGrafx-16 . When he got the TurboGrafx, he learned there was an adapter you could buy to improve the audio/video quality. Ever since that time, he's been constantly trying to improve both. Always buying the latest and greatest video game hardware, but at the same time, trying to push the audio/video side as well. He bought a Kenwood stereo receiver, just to crank Dungeon Explorer (for the TurboGrafx-16) in true "Stereo Sound".  He bought a new TV with composite inputs to improve the picture quality.

Now, with the arrival of VR and AR, Anthony continues to try to chase that ultimate entertainment experience.  Originally, VR wasn't even something on his radar, but after hearing a Giant Bomb podcast with Brad Shoemaker talking about his interview with John Carmack, his interest was piqued. He's followed it ever since, but it was really the unveiling of the roomscale concept at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2015 that did the trick. He pre-ordered an HTC Vive and took the plunge into uncharted waters. He also bought a PlayStation VR at it's launch and picked up an Oculus Rift in the "Summer of Rift" sale in 2017.

Born in the middle of England in 1980, Gary has enjoyed playing video games for most of his life. He's primarily drawn towards games with a strong sense of immersion, but failing that, great narrative can make a perfectly adequate substitute.

After initially trying VR during the first wave back in 1991 via a Virtuality machine in his local shopping centre, Gary was sold, and gave his stamp of approval to an irritatingly unenthusiastic member of staff. Being just 11-years-old at the time and having no practical way of getting hold of one of these £20,000 machines, Gary sulked.

After 20-odd years of sulking, Gary discovered that Virtual Reality was about to make a comeback with a product called the Oculus Rift. From that point on, he followed the latest wave of VR with a great deal of interest, finally purchasing a HTC Vive in April of 2016.


He loves it. He's since acquired both an Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, and is fully immersed in everything Virtual Reality related.

Gary also plays guitar badly, and writes poorly reviewed novels in his spare time!

Gary Walkden

Justin Davis

Justin's first console was a Sega Master System with SegaScope 3D Glasses, his introduction to how cool 3D gaming can be. He went through many consoles and visited many arcades during the following years. It wasn't until 2014, twenty-seven years after his first console, that he'd become mesmerized by interactive 3D again when he went to try a virtual reality demo at a nearby museum. There, he tried an Oculus Rift DK2 for the first time and couldn't stop talking about it, resulting in his girlfriend buying him one as a surprise birthday present.


Ever since then, he's been engrossed in VR, buying two Gear VRs and pre-ordering both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. As you can see from the picture, Justin still holds on to his old-school gaming roots, taking breaks from VR to play arcade games and pinball.

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