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AFFECTED: The Manor by Fallen Planet Studios logo

Coming December 2019

Release Date - December 2019

AFFECTED: The Manor is coming to the Oculus Quest!.  The game was originally a VR demo on the Oculus DK1, way back in the days. Fallen Planet Studios then expanded that original demo into a full-blown Oculus Rift title. The game then arrived on Steam and now it's headed to the most exciting standalone VR headset on the market. Horror games have been very popular on the Quest, and actually for VR platforms in general. When you don a VR headset, you're completely immersed in that world, and it can be incredibly intense and visceral. While  jump scares are a part of this game, it also includes unfolding events and environments that have been specifically designed to utilize the strengths that only virtual reality can bring to the table.


AFFECTED: The Manor by Fallen Planet Studios fo the Oculus Quest
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