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After the Fall by Vertigo Games logo

We've been wondering for some time when we'd get some sequels to the biggest VR games of VR's early days. For example, Arizona Sunshine was this huge release back in 2016, but where's the sequel? While maybe not technically a sequel, After The Fall is very likely to scratch that same itch. It's as if Vertigo Games thought, "Let's do another Arizona Sunshine, but this time we'll put it into the future! Instead of desert based zombies, we'll use Snow Zombies!" The game does seem like an interesting mixture of Arizona Sunshine and something like Arktika.1  You have a similar post-apocalyptic scenario, in the snow, with an out of control menace. After the Fall is certainly one of the most exciting PSVR games to watch out for later this year!

Coming 4th Qrt 2021

After The Fall by Vertigo Games & Jaywalkers for PlayStation VR
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