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After the Fall by Vertigo Games logo

It's now been CONFIRMED! After the Fall is indeed coming to Oculus Quest. In fact, it's coming to both Quests, so it doesn't even require the more powerful XR2 processor in the Oculus Quest 2. This is great news for Quest fans everywhere, because After the Fall could be shaping up as one of the most impressive VR games released this entire year. Vertigo Games of course is famous for the 2016 release, Arizona Sunshine. After the Fall could almost be considered a spiritual successor to their first big franchise. Only thing is, there isn't a lot of sunshine going on, in this game. We're talking about a post apocalyptic Los Angeles. If you've played Arktika.1 on the Oculus Rift, this game has a somewhat similar vibe. We're definitely hyped to find out more about heading up to the launch!

Coming 1st Qrt 2022

After The Fall by Vertigo Games for the Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest platforms
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