After the Fall on the Oculus Quest? Is this a mistake? Well, we must admit that this is 100 percent rumor.  However, evidence seems to suggest that maybe the title is being ported to the Quest to be ready for a simultaneous Summer launch. All the major VR platforms. Oculus Quest is the single biggest VR platform right now, and it would be silly for Vertigo Games to miss out on the opportunity. The game has been delayed twice in the last half year. We believe the second delay was to allow the Quest port to catch up with PC development.. However, there's a possibility that such an ambitious game just won't work on the Snapdragon 835 processor. It might require the extra horsepower of the XR2 chip (inside the Quest 2) . Is this the beginning of a fractured user base between the two flagship standalones from Oculus?

Coming Summer 2021