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Release Date - 3rd Qrt 2021

New York of the 1930s is a city of faded colors and frightening shadows. "AGAINST" is a rhythmic journey through those crime-ridden streets. Dispatch villains to the beat as you progress through dark alleys. Slice the mafiosos with your sword and mow them down with your pistol - but do it rhythmically for points and pleasure. Dodge obstacles, run up walls - all the while picking off your enemies as the pounding music builds. At the end of each level, take on the boss in sync with a musical climax. Modern songs set to a film noir aesthetic are combined with rhythmic combat make for a truly unique experience. AGAINST is headed to both PC-VR platforms as well as the Oculus Quest!

Coming 3rd Qrt 2021

AGAINST by Joy Way for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index and Oculus Quest platforms
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