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Release Date - 3/28/16

Back at the original launch of the Rift, AirMech Command was the premiere RTS game for the platform, priced at $40. Now the game is no longer exclusive (also available on Steam), and the price has been chopped in half. The question of course is, should you consider picking up the game now? The answer depends on a number of factors. First off, are you cool with having mostly single player content? Reason being, the multiplayer audience is quite small. The only way to consistently find multiplayer games, is to use Discord, and actually plan for specific times to meet up. Still,  the set of missions included with single player can be quite enjoyable, at least early on. Some of the missions allow you to unlock a lot of stuff (new Mechs, and currency to buy new units and skins), and you can also play skirmishes against AI.


Rating - 82

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