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ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos by MyDearest Logo
Release Date - December 3rd

The year 2080. With the invasion of the Meteoras, alien beings of immense size and strength, humanity sought safety and salvation deep underground, establishing Augmented Tokyo. This 2km radius underground city became humanity's last bastion. 2280. Chloe, member of the Anti-Meteora military organization Prometheus, defends the city in her Makhia, a massive battle robot. Though her foes are formidable, she survives with the help of her companions. Prometheus fights to protect the city from the Meteoras and retake the surface one day. However, that is not why Chloe pulls the trigger. No. Everything she does, she does for her fallen friend. Her dearest friend. Coco. The blue flame of vengeance that burns within her is never extinguished.

Coming December 3rd

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos by MyDearest for the Oculus Quest
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