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Ancient Amuletor logo by TiGames for PSVR
Publisher - TiGames
Developer - TiGames
Release Date - June 27th

Indie developer TiGames is bringing Ancient Amuletor, a wave based tower defense game to PlayStation VR. You get to choose from a number of different character classes. Gunners, Puppeteers, Mages and Archers are all potential options. You take on waves of magical enemies. The game is extremely bright and colorful, which is a nice change of pace to most drab wave shooters. The tower defense mechanics that are thrown in for good measure give the gameplay an extra boost over the standard fare. The game supports co-op play for up to four people. Supposedly Ancient Amuletor will eventually make it's way to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but we don't know exactly when those versions are scheduled to arrive.

Review Coming Soon

Ancient Amuletor by TiGames for the PlayStation VR
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