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Arca's Path by Dream Reality Interactive logo
Release Date - 12/4/18

Dream Reality Interactive set out to accomplish a very, very specific task. There was a game that they wanted to execute, and I personally believe they mostly nailed it. Arca's Path is a game where you use your head both literally and figuratively. There's no controller needed. Your gaze, guides your sphere. This is the crux of the whole game, and luckily the control is absolutely spot on. You can stop your sphere on a dime, after you get acclimated to it. The background music is absolutely fantastic and does a wonderful job of setting the mood for this game. The visuals are understated but effective. This is a paradise in decay, but it still has a strange vibrancy and emotion. The game isn't super difficult, or very long, but I still feel like Dream Reality Interactive delivered one of the better VR games released in 2018.

Rating - 87

Arca's Path by Dream Reality Interactive for the Rift, Vive & PSVR
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