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Release Date - 7/18/18

Archangel by Skydance Interactive, is a powerful example of how storytelling can intertwine with gameplay, to raise the overall experience to new heights. Production values in a lot of VR games have been lacking, mostly due to smaller budgets and many of the early games coming from indie developers. You can quickly tell that Archangel is cut from a different cloth. From the opening scene, the game designers are attempting to put you at the center of a movie-like experience. Everything is told from the first person perspective, and the graphics are good enough to let you buy into the illusion. You have an A.I. companion in your mech, along with an entire squad of helpers in attack choppers following you through the battlefield. Skydance uses all of this to it's full advantage to reveal the story to you during the action in real-time.

Rating - 87

(PlayStation VR version reviewed)

(review code provided by developer or publisher)

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