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Arizona Sunshine by Vertigo Games logo

Somehow... Someway... Vertigo Games has been able to bring Arizona Sunshine to the Oculus Quest! Now, the really big question of course, is how much of the PC-VR experience will make the translation intact? Will the graphics be so watered down that we barely recognize the immersive zombie shooter?  Robo Recall is an example of a PC-VR game that just didn't make a very smooth translation. It's still an enjoyable Quest game, but it's not the Robo Recall that I know and love. Other Quest games have done an admirable job of representing their PC cousin, (Job Simulator & Apex Construct), so I know it's possible. Of course, both Job Sim and Apex benefit from simple art designs. I guess we'll just have to wait for Arizona Sunshine to officially arrive on Quest to find out.

Review Coming Soon

Arizona Sunshine Quest 5.png
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