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Release Date - 10/10/17

If you boil down Arktika.1 to it's very essence, it's a glorified shooting gallery. Now, this might sound like harsh criticism, but at the same time, you've never experienced a shooting gallery quite like this. This is a graphical Tour-De-Force of the highest order. It's up there with Robo Recall and Lone Echo for the best graphics in VR period. Honestly, one of the biggest things holding this experience back is the built-in limitations of our current headsets. Currently available headsets just don't have high enough resolution to let an experience like this shine. Still, you'll find yourself completely immersed in a Michael Bay Summer blockbuster during certain segments. The node based locomotion method is as limiting as we feared, but even that can't bring this game down. Remember, we aren't overflowing with triple A content, and this is without question one of the strongest examples of AAA VR content so far.

 Rating - 91

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