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Release Date - 4th Qrt 2020

In the world of Ascend, discover a vibrant dystopia filled with ambitious and scrappy survivors battling for glory through deadly jetpack warfare. Most of humanity has left the Earth for a future in the stars, and those that remain have been driven into visceral combat among one another for the only things they think matter. In the arena, you control your destiny. One of the most distinct aspects of Ascend is the ability to take control of your very own jetpack-clad warrior in a crucible of kinetic combat, all powered by Ascend's unique Lean Motion System. Lean Motion is an intuitive and groundbreaking flight locomotion system that allows you to fly in the direction you lean using your center of mass. Experience flight in VR like you would in real life to have a less motion sickness-inducing VR experience. Look in one direction, fly in another, and shoot in a third!

Coming 4th Qrt 2020

Ascend by Team Newspaper Hats for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, Windows MR & Vive Cosmos
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