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Asgard's Wrath by Sanzaru Games logo
Release Date - 10/10/19

We recently had a chance to go hands on with Asgard's Wrath at OC6. While we knew the game would be a graphical showstopper, it's another thing entirely to don a Rift S HMD and experience it for yourself.  You can immediately tell that Oculus gave Sanzaru Games all the time and support they needed to really push the edge of the envelope with regard to visual splendor. The gameplay mechanic that allows you to switch from a towering God, to a boots-on-the ground mortal, was another aspect that's so much more impressive when you're experiencing it firsthand. It's this shifting of scales that takes full advantage of what Virtual Reality brings to the table. The game arrived on October 10th, and we're currently working our way through this monster of a title. We'll have a micro-review soon!

Review Coming Soon

Asgard's Wrath by Sanzaru Games for the Oculus Rift
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