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Publisher - Dylan Fitterer
Developer - Dylan Fitterer
Release Date - 4/5/16

Not being a huge fan of rhythm games in general, I might not be best placed to review Audioshield if truth be told. But after giving this game a fair shake over the past few months, I can safely say it has definitely won me over. The presentation and polish are both excellent with a real sense of "being there", thanks to the fantastic visuals and atmosphere. The game gives the player a definite sense of reward and progression as you block the incoming attack of musical orbs. With a sense of increased depth as to how the rhythms of each song are presented, Audioshield is the go-to VR rhythm game for the first generation of HMDs. It isn't simply a case of hitting the beats, but rather a more subtle and nuanced sense of timing that will get you the most points. Beating other player's scores moves the game from casual amusement, into a more hardcore realm, and you'll certainly feel a 30-minute session the next day!

Rating - 89 

(HTC Vive version reviewed)

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