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Bandit Point by Mantisbite Logo
Release Date - October 11th

Enter the world of conflict between the arrogant aristocrats and the rebelling destitutes fighting for their freedom. Royals are keeping the lower cast of workers under their thumb and it is up to you to spark the rebellion! Set forth to rescue and unite the fellow Bandits and overthrow the oppressive Queen and her lackeys once and for all! Use your special abilities to take over enemy units and outmatch your opponents with your razor sharp wits and a steady aim.  Explore the quirky Sci-Fi Fantasy world while engaging in thrilling airship combat.  Battle along the towering castle walls and fight down on the city streets. Experience the enticing story driven campaign where you battle to overcome the oppressive Royals and save the fellow Bandits from a life of wretched servitude.

Coming October 11th

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