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Release Date - 10/13/16

So far, in the early days of VR, it seems to be a rare occurrence to come face to face with voiced human characters. Many VR games don't seem to feature this type of interaction yet. Batman Arkham VR, luckily is an exception to this. The developers at Rocksteady put you mere inches away from extremely realistic character models. Not only that, but they will actually speak and interact with you. There are certain moments in this game where you'll want to pinch yourself and make sure that you're not just dreaming. The single biggest downside is the brevity of the overall experience. You could easily get through most of these scenarios in under two hours. Still, if you consider that at $20, it's not exactly getting away with highway robbery, I can forgive the length. I just really hope that Rocksteady squirrels away some of these programmers to work on a much longer VR experience for the future.

Rating - 89 

(PlayStation VR version reviewed)

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