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Developer - Bad Bird Studios
Release Date - 6/8/16

So, Battle Dome released one year ago. Why am I just writing the review now? Well, during Battle Dome's "heyday", I shrugged it off as a mostly overrated multiplayer game. Why overrated? Well, there are so few VR multiplayer experiences in general, that any halfway decent one will end up being praised to the high heavens. Turns out, I'm the one completely off the mark. Unless this game has improved by leaps and bounds very recently, I made a major mistake by avoiding this game. The multiplayer experience is fantastic! Like Rec Room paintball, but even better. This also uses similar mechanics to  Nintendo's Splatoon. There are lots of different multiplayer modes to choose from. The audio quality of other players' mics is very impressive. I feel like I have a handful of extra people in the room with me. The single biggest concern with this game, like every other multiplayer centric game, is how long will an audience stick with it?

Rating - 86

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