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Battlewake by Survios logo
Developer - Survios
Release Date - Summer 2019

With the arrival of a new gaming medium like Virtual Reality, it's expected that new studios will establish themselves as developers to be reckoned with. Survios is probably the poster child for this scenario. Prior to VR, I never heard of them, but they're slowly turning into a household name, at least among VR fans. This Summer, they hope to establish their brand even further with Battlewake, a new pirate game designed to take full and total advantage of the VR medium. Battlewake is all about vehicular combat. Almost like Twisted Metal, but on the open seas in a pirate ship instead of an Ice Cream truck on the highways and byways. In addition to the normal canons and artillery of your pirate ship, you'll also have some powerful magic at your disposal. Battlewake will arrive on major VR platforms later this Summer!

Coming Summer 2019

Battlewake by Survios for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index and PlayStation VR
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