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Release Date - 8/24/18

Ever wanted to be as fast as the flash, as agile as spiderman, or as supreme as one punch man? Now's the time, time to "Be the Hero!" Our mission was to create an experience that throws you into the extraordinary reality of a hero, much like the heroes and heroines we grew up reading about in various Manga. Embody the powers of “Kurogane” and blaze through the metropolis at hyper-speed with our fluid combat locomotion! Scale walls, leap across rooftops, and reign justice from any angle you please, to sever the enemies power. Ever read a comic late at night only to fall asleep and dream about becoming that hero? We’ve transitioned that nostalgia into an immersive VR experience, blending comic books with intense VR action and fluid locomotion. Dive into the comic and play out the actions of a Hero!

Review Coming Soon 

Be The Hero by EXPVR Inc. for the Vive & Rift
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