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   The Best Free HTC Vive & Valve Index Games

Have you recently purchased a Valve Index or HTC Vive Pro? Is your pocketbook reeling from the experience? If so, no need to worry, VR Game Rankings got ya covered! Below, you'll find a ranking of over 60 free games and demos for the HTC Vive and Valve Index. Basically, we're ignoring any Oculus Rift exclusives. We're just focusing in on Vive and Index games that will feel and play better on the native hardware. Of course, The Lab, by Valve leads the charge regardless of PC platform. Another game that's completely free, and impressing VR players in droves is Propagation VR by WannaDevStudio at No.8.


 HTC Vive & Valve Index

 The Best Free


[updated monthly - last update 5/7/21]
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