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  The Best Valve Index & HTC Vive Games - Top 200 Titles

Welcome to the 200 Best Valve Index & HTC Vive Games ranking from VR Game Rankings. Here we break down the cream of the crop when it comes to the non-Oculus exclusive PC-VR software. No Facebook account necessary! This includes earth-shattering hits like Half-Life: Alyx and Beat Saber, along with lesser-known titles like Racket Nx and Hellsplit Arena. Feel free to scroll through the entire list below, or jump directly to the Top 20, Top 40, Top 60, Top 80, Top 100, Top 150, or Top 200 ranking sections. When you find interesting titles, you can click on them to visit individual game profiles. Happy exploring!

[Most Recent Update -  6/1/21]

Top 20 Index & Vive Games (#1-20, our Super Elite tier)

Half-Life: Alyx has been around for over one year now, but it's still dominating the charts. Of course, Beat Saber, the other perennial favorite, is only one spot back. Boneworks, by Stress Level Zero, is currently ranked 3rd. It's one of the staff's favorites. The physics are just so next level, that it really bumps the immersion factor. Demeo by Resolution Games, is the newest game in our Top 20. It arrived on May 6th to universal acclaim from the VR community!


 Top 40 Index & Vive Games (#21-40, our "Elite tier")

Alien Isolation, currently ranked #24, is easily one of the most underappreciated VR games. Not that people don't praise it as as incredible demonstration of the power of VR, they do, but the game requires a simple mod in order to work in VR.  Some players are too lazy to be bothered with it. It's a mystery why Sega and Creative Assembly just don't officially release a VR version on all the major VR stores.   Jet Island at #34 is in a similar boat regarding it's lack of appreciation. Very few people realize just how good the game is. It's one of these games that you have to put a lot of hours into it, to really appreciate its depth of gameplay.


Top 60 Index & Vive Games (#41-60, our "Strong Contenders tier")

To The Top, by Electric Hat Games, continues to rank well. It's widely considered the best first person platforming type game in VR. Imagine playing a Sonic the Hedgehog game from the first person perspective, and To The Top feels like this in certain respects! Transference by SpectreVision ranked 47th overall, is a bit of a hidden gem. It sounds strange that a game ranked as high as 47th overall could fly under the radar, but many VR players aren't familiar with Transference. It's a real shame, because it's one of the more interesting thrillers we've seen thus far. It's almost like a Black Mirror episode coming to life in VR. Pretty impressive!


Top 80 Index & Vive Games (#61-80, our "Super Solid tier")

Sparc is a game you don't hear a ton about. It's a relatively simple concept, with a narrow focus, but what it does, it does so well. It feels like a futuristic sport from Disney's classic movie Tron. The clean, crisp art aesthetic gives it a unique flavor. It's currently ranked 63rd. Hellsplit Arena by Deep Type Games, currently 64th, is another game that tends to fly under the radar. While a melee focused title like Until You Fall has widespread name recognition, Hellsplit Arena is a well kept secret for this genre.  Of course, the hardcore VR fans know all about it!


Top 100 Index & Vive Games (#81-100, our "Solid tier")

Final Assault at No.81 overall is one of our all-time favorite VR games. Some might say it's because it reminds us of playing with army men on the carpet as little kids. Well, that's a huge part of it. As you move your troops around the map, you can lean in really close and see everything happening right in front of you. It feels like cute, tiny holograms of little army men and tanks driving around your living room! Paper Beast by Pixel Reef started off on PlayStation VR, but it later arrived on PC-VR platforms and has been a pleasant surprise for PC-VR players. It's ranked 89th.


  The Top 150 Index & Vive Games Currently Available (#101-150)

We've gone through the first 100 Valve Index & HTC Vive games, but we're far from done. There's still tons of amazing games to rank. For example, one tremendously underrated title is Gadgeteer by Metanaut. While the VR industry's been showered with great puzzle games, most gamers always have room for another outstanding example, and Gadgeteer is most definitely that. It's currently ranked #102. One fast rising title on these charts is Stride by developer Joy Way.  The game obviously reminds most players of Mirror's Edge in VR, and who wouldn't want to play that? It's definitely worth checking out.

  Top 200 Index & Vive Games Currently Available (#151-200)


We've now ranked 150 different games for the Valve Index and HTC Vive. You'd think we'd have exhausted the supply of decent VR titles by now. Well, you'd be wrong. There's still tons of amazing Rift games to consider. For example, take a game like Cubism. It's a very recent release from developer Thomas Van Bouwel.  Or maybe consider another recent release like Cosmodread by White Door Games. If the developer's name rings a bell, it's the same studio that brought us Dreadhalls! (ranked above at #135) Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife was surely expected to rank higher than 179th overall, but the game simply hasn't fared extremely well with reviewers and enthusiasts. 

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  The Best Index & Vive Games

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