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  The Best Oculus Quest Games - Top 170 Titles

Welcome to the 170 Best Oculus Quest Games ranking from VR Game Rankings. Here we break down the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to the Oculus Quest platform. This includes earth-shattering hits like Beat Saber and The Walking Dead; Saints & Sinners, along with lesser-known titles like Shooty Skies Overdrive and Cubism. Feel free to scroll through the entire list below, or jump directly to the Top 20, Top 40, Top 60, Top 80, Top 100, Top 150, or Top 170 ranking sections. When you find interesting titles, you can click on them to visit individual game profiles. Happy exploring!

  The Best Oculus Quest Games

   - Top 200 Titles -

[Most Recent Update -  5/21/21]

Top 20 Oculus Quest Games (#1-20, our Super Elite tier)

Beat Saber has basically dominated the Quest rankings since the very beginning. It's going to take an extinction level event to knock it out of first place. One game that might give Beat Saber a run for it's money however, is Demeo by Resolution Games. Demeo takes your standard role playing board game and combines it with the magic of Virtual Reality. It's amazing it took this long to get a proper board game in VR! The game is all the rage with the Quest community and it's debuting on our charts at No.5 overall. Extremely impressive! Of course, if we're going to mention Quest community favorites, we can't help but mention Walkabout Mini Golf. Many Quest fans won't be happy until it hits No.1 on our charts. They love it that much!


 Top 40 Oculus Quest Games (#21-40, our "Elite tier")

Racket Nx, currently ranked #22, is easily one of the most underappreciated Quest games. Developer One Hamsa has delivered a next-level performance in the audio department with this title. I hope you have some good quality headphones, because you're in for a treat with their spatial audio excellence! Talk about underrated Quest games, there's also Ghost Giant ranked 34th overall. Zoink Games did a great job with the overall atmosphere and their ability to "wrap" the player in their 3D world. The emotional impact the game achieved was even more powerful. 


Top 60 Oculus Quest Games (#41-60, our "Strong Contenders tier")

Swarm by Greensky Games, has been rising up the charts considerably since it's initial arrival. We wouldn't be surprised to see it in the Top 40 next rankings. It's currently locked in at #46. Another newer release is The Climb 2 by Crytek. This game has enjoyed solid reviews from critics and fans alike, but the first game actually ranks higher! We suspect in the coming months that their positions will flip flop. Both games are great, but the sequel is an improvement in almost every way. Jurassic World: Aftermath tumbled considerably in this newest update. It's now ranked way down at #50. Dinosaurs in VR, with a really cool art style, but the gameplay can get monotonous and frustrating after awhile.


Top 80 Oculus Quest Games (#61-80, our "Super Solid tier")

Shooty Skies Overdrive is one of our absolute favorites! It's a relatively simple concept, with a narrow focus, but what it aims to achieve, it nails! It's also a visual spectacle. Hundreds of tiny projectiles flying in the air all around you, with everything rendered as colorful and vibrant as possible. Racket Fury, ranked #69 was just updated to include a 120hz mode for Oculus Quest 2! This is what we call the rich getting richer. The game was already butter smooth to begin with, and now it's even better! 2MD VR Football by Truant Pixel, ranked #75, is one of these games that many players might not be familiar with, but the game is just known for it's "Fun Factor". At the end of the day,  isn't video gaming supposed to be about fun... right?


Top 100 Oculus Quest Games (#81-100, our "Solid tier")

Crashland at No.82 overall is a recent release that has been making a real name for itself among the Quest community. It's very solid, but the giant bugs might freak some players out. I honestly don't blame them! Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife just arrived from Fast Travel Games. It's currently ranked 84th overall. The games gotten mixed reviews. Some players really like it for it's long, drawn out story. Others thing the gameplay is tedious and boring. Still, the game ranked 84th overall, so it can't be that bad, because there's still plenty of great games in this grouping. Another new one is Star Wars Pinball VR at #88. The only real complaints with this one is that some players wish it was a bit cheaper!


  The Top 150 Oculus Quest Games Currently Available (#101-150)

We've gone through the first 100 Oculus Quest games, but we're far from done. There's still tons of solid games to rank. One underrated title starting to climb the charts is Dash Dash World VR by Motion X Studios. Surprisingly, we don't have many racing games on the Quest and we don't have many Mario Kart type games either.  Dash Dash World is basically an unlicensed Mario Kart in VR. While not the Real McCoy, many players find it scratches the itch well! Board games in VR are a big thing now with Demeo, but is everybody forgetting about Catan VR by Experiment 7? It's ranked #108.


  Top 170 Oculus Quest Games Currently Available (#151-170)

We've now ranked 150 different games for the Oculus Quest. You'd think we'd have exhausted the supply of decent VR titles by now. Well, you'd be wrong. There's still tons of decent Quest games to consider. For example, take a game like Mare by Visiontrick Media and Rui Guerreiro. This game's atmosphere reminds many players of Ico from PlayStation 2 fame. We also have some more recently released like Flow Weaver by Stitch Media and Luna by Funomena. 

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