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Blade & Sorcery by WarpFrog logo
Publisher - WarpFrog
Developer - WarpFrog
Release Date - 12/14/18

The era of the VR weightless, wiggle-sword combat is over. Blade & Sorcery is a medieval fantasy sandbox like no other, focusing on melee, ranged and magic combat that fully utilizes a unique and realistic physics driven interaction and combat system. Built exclusively for VR, collisions are dictated by fine hitboxes, objects have weight and follow the laws of physics, creatures have full body physics and presence, and blades can be used to penetrate soft materials or deflect magic. In Blade & Sorcery, the combat is limited only by your own creativity. Choose your weapon, choose your stance, choose your fighting style; Be the powerful warrior, ranger or sorcerer you always dreamed of becoming!

Review Coming Soon

Blade & Sorcery by WarpFrog for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
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