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Release Date - 10/26/17

When it come to VR experiences, one of the most common themes is movie tie-ins. Movie studios are looking to dip their toes in the Virtual waters and see what's going on with this new medium, and how they can best position themselves. Free VR experiences advertising new movies is a win-win idea for many of these companies. Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab is one of the better movie tie-in's we've come across recently. The fact that you get to explore the Blade Runner universe from a first person perspective is truly magical. Fans have always wanted to see what the Blade Runner world looks like from a boots on the ground perspective. This experience reminds me of Quanero as well as Batman Arkham VR. Ultimately, it's not really long enough or in-depth enough to try to charge a fee for this, but it's absolutely worth downloading and trying out a few times. Very entertaining.

Rating - 85 

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