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Blaze Rush logo by Targem Games for Oculus Rift
Release Date - 3/28/16

I was recently talking to a friend about how much I liked BlazeRush, and he said that he just can't get into 3rd person joypad games. First person with motion controllers or bust basically. Well, I understand the notion. This is VR after all, aren't we supposed to be fully immersed? Still, I can't help but think he's throwing the baby out with the bathwater on this one. Just because games are 3rd person joypad games, doesn't mean they can't absolutely dazzle the senses. Anybody that's played Rock'n'Roll Racing back in the Super Nintendo days can appreciate what Targem Games is doing here. Seeing those little cars race around the track with all the smoke and destruction... Being able to bend down and look closely at this world taking place in front of me is just so freaking cool!

Rating - 83

Blaze Rush by Targem Games for the Oculus Rift
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