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Release Date - 3/12/21

Blobby Tennis started out as a small experiment created during Ludum Dare 31. The theme was "Entire Game on One Screen". SlinDev thought it was a good idea to try and make a VR variant of Blobby Volley, which is played in just one screen. He got Simon( to help him with the 3D models. The final entry into Ludum Dare was called VludumdaRe and required an Oculus DK2 and Razer Hydra for the controls. Blobby Tennis is a remake of the same thing using the same but slightly modified 3D models and textures, but with audio, much better physics and just much more polish in general. In Blobby Tennis you're standing in a relaxing beach scene, controlling a tennis racket and ball. You can do tricks, play the ball back and forth over the net with Blobby or outplay him to score points. Because beach sand isn't very bouncy this is obviously no real tennis, but open ended play with a ball without fixed rules or goals.

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Blobby Tennis by SlinDev for the Oculus Quest App Lab platform
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