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Release Date - 12/14/18

Shocker of Shockers! Out of seemingly nowhere comes the news that Borderlands 2 VR is destined to arrive on PlayStation VR this December 14th! What about the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift you say? At this point, the game appears to be a timed exclusive, so PC-VR players will have to bide their time. Details are few are far between right now, but we understand that the full-length single-player campaign will make the journey intact. What hasn't made the journey is any multiplayer action. We understand that the VR version is single-player only at this point in time. While some PSVR players will surely be disappointed by the lack of co-op multiplayer action, most players will gladly accept the opportunity to be completely enveloped by the strange, exciting and colorful world of Pandora. 

Coming December 14th

Borderlands 2 VR by Gearbox Software for PlayStation VR
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