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Release Date - 10/28/16

So far, 2K Games has been a bit reluctant to invest too heavily into VR. They've barely dipped their toes in the waters with NBA2K VR Experience and Carnival Games. Cat Daddy Games, the developer of Carnival Games, has at least done a bang up job with this one. Anybody that has ever visited a State Fair midway will feel right at home with this title. It's similar to a collection of mini-games, except the games you're playing are the kinds you'd find at a local carnival. There are 12 attractions in total, including favorites like Ring Toss and Skeeball as well as a shooting gallery and several other events. The graphics are very colorful and cartoony, but it's the sound design that helps to elevate this title. You really get a feel for the atmosphere with all the various sound effects. The PSVR version suffers a bit from sketchy tracking. You have to avoid moving your hands in front of your headset, and make sure you stay within your PS4 camera's cone of vision.

Rating - 78

(PlayStation VR version reviewed)

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