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Carve Snowboarding Logo 4p.png
Release Date - 5/27/21

If you owned a Nintendo 64 back in the days (and who didn't?), you probably remember 1080° Snowboarding. In the late 1990's, 1080° Snowboarding was widely considered the pinnacle of the sport in video game form. The lead developer on the N64 original, Giles Goddard, is now working with Chuhai Labs to bring a brand new version of the classic to the Oculus Quest! Introducing Carve Snowboarding from Chuhai Labs! Carve is a brand new arcade snowboarding game for Virtual Reality. Customize your runs with plenty of unlockables including, boards, gloves, and even songs, featuring over 60 songs from indie artists. Dominate the mountain in either Time Attack or Freestyle mode and rise in the ranks. 

Coming May 27th

Carve Snowboarding 1.jpg
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