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Release Date - 2/19/19

ChromaGun VR is a new puzzle game by Pixel Maniacs available for the PlayStation VR system. If you're a fan of Portal or The Talos Principle VR, you'll probably find a lot to like about ChromoGun VR. You're primarily using a gun to paint portions of walls to solve various puzzles. The game takes full advantage of the Aim Controller, to give you the feel of holding a real "Chroma" gun. As you make your way through this facility solving various puzzles, you'll be accompanied by an announcer helping guide you through your various activities. This announcer is quite snarky, but also somewhat hilarious. You'll probably be instantly reminded of Glados from the Portal series with his sarcastic comments about your performance.

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ChromoGun VR by Pixel Maniacs for the PlayStaton VR
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