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Release Date - 3rd Qrt 2019

Great news for Oculus Quest owners! Chronos, by Gunfire Games, one of the better 3rd person VR adventure games, is coming to the Quest later this year. When most gamers think about Virtual Reality, they think about standing in a VR world, with a sword in one hand, and a shield in the other. The idea of playing a game in 3rd person (in VR), might not immediately spring to mind. In fact, some players might even find the idea downright silly. Well, little do they know that they're missing out on some truly amazing experiences. Astro Bot on PSVR, as well as Moss across all VR platforms, has proven that 3rd person VR gaming has it's place. Therefore, it's wonderful news to hear that one of the best 3rd person VR games, Chronos, will also be on Oculus' hot new standalone platform.

Coming 3rd Qrt 2019 

Chronos by Gunfire Games for the Oculus Quest
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