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Cloudlands 2 by Futuretown logo
Release Date - January 17th

Cloudlands VR: Mini Golf arrived along with the HTC Vive way back in April of 2016. It became quite the fan favorite, and everybody wondered if there would be a follow up. Cloudlands 2 came out nowhere in August of 2019, but the game was only available on the Oculus Quest. Fans of the original were disappointed that they couldn't get the game for their PC-VR headsets. Well, you know what they say... Good things come to those that wait. Cloudlands 2 is now coming to PC-VR platforms on January 17th! The big question of course, is will this game hold up now that PC-VR gaming seems to have moved towards a second generation of software. The standards of 2016 no longer apply. Still, everybody can use a nice colorful palette cleanser and Cloudlands 2 could be the perfect change of pace.

Coming January 17th

Cloudlands 2 by Futuretown for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index and Windows Mixed-Reality platforms
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