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Release Date - 8/28/18

Code51: Mecha Arena is a wasteland-style mech arena game. As a pilot, you put on your VR device and drive your giant mech, sitting in the cockpit and fight your foes – mechs driven by rival players. Unlike most VR shooter games, you won’t need to stand and move around. Simply sit in your chair just like the way you do in a mech cockpit, and wear your VR device like a helmet, you will be brought into the immersive battleground and enjoy fighting with other players. The game uses an in-cockpit camera, through which you can see the interior structure and your weapon. Clear at a glance! Code 51 can be played without moving your body, which frees you from struggling with the wires, base stations and environmental dangers. 

 Review Coming Soon

Code 51 Mecha Arena by SmellyRiver for the HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
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