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Conjure Strike by The Strike Team logo
Release Date - 9/28/18

Conjure Strike is the fastest class based arena shooter in Virtual Reality. Think Overwatch for VR. As hardcore League and DOTA players, we set out to create an extremely quick, yet strategically rich 2v2 VR multiplayer game that retains all the depth of a traditional desktop game along with the immersion of Virtual Reality. Don't play a hero -- be one.  Feel the adrenaline rushing as you and your teammate soar through vibrant, objective focused battle arenas using an unique combat and movement system built for VR. Conjure Strike features unique objectives for every map, plus freedom of movement via a full 6dof locomotion system. To beat the enemy, you’ll need to use teamwork and skill in order to unleash devastating attacks and abilities.

Review Coming Soon

Conjure Strike by The Strike Team for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
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