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Counter Fight 3 by Tricol Co. logo
Release Date - 12/19/18

Counter Fight 3 is a work simulation game where the player becomes a chef of a pizza store and provides meals to unique customers who appear one after another. New fun elements have been added, while the fun that was in “Counter Fight” so far has been kept intact. The aim of the player is to cook and provide meals for your customers, aiming for a higher score. After playing, your score will be reflected in the ranking where players from all over the world will participate. Let's make pizzas and pasta quickly and accurately, defeat the bad guys and become the world's best pizza store. In addition to the robberies that have appeared so far, new zombies will come to the store. Use your weapons to take out the zombies before they can ruin your restaurants reputation!

Review Coming Soon

Counter Fight 3 by Tricol Co. for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
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