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Counter Fight ICHIRAN by Tricol Co. logo
Release Date - 2/25/21

"Counter Fight ICHIRAN" is a completely new cooking game that combines the experience of the VR work simulator game "Counter Fight" and the popular natural tonkotsu ramen specialty store "ICHIRAN". Become an employee of ICHIRAN and cook ramen! Optimized for VR games, the kitchen has intuitive gameplay that makes you feel like an ICHIRAN's employee. Not only cook ramen, also reproduce in-game the particulars of ICHIRAN, such as judging the beauty of presentation and the "15 second standard" to maintain the freshness of ramen. Many familiar items such as Kaedama plate and Order sheets that can only be seen at shops, Original spicy red sauce, and Arita porcelain original donburi bowls will appear.

Review Coming Soon

Counter Fight ICHIRAN by Tricol Co. for the Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest platforms
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