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Covert by White Elk Studios logo
Release Date - 4th Qrt 2020

Covert is a cooperative heist game where you and a friend work together to pull off the heist of a century. Recruited by a mysterious client, you and a partner take on a series of high-profile heists. Utilize gadgets to infiltrate heavily guarded facilities as the crafty Thief in VR. Breach through security systems as the clever Hacker on a mobile device.  Cooperation and trust will be needed to sneak past guards, hack through laser grids, crack safes, and much more… Covert of course has been available on the Oculus Go for quite some time, but White Elk Studios is porting the game up to the Oculus Quest. The biggest question of course, is how much of an enhancement will this game get in moving to the Quest? I'm hopeful that Oculus won't simply allow straight ports, and will require significant improvements.

Coming 4th Qrt 2020 

Covert by White Elk Studios for the Oculus Quest
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