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Cradle of Sins by U24 Solutions logo
Release Date - 2nd Qrt 2021

Cradle of Sins is a strategy focused first-person MOBA game developed exclusively for AR & VR. The game features all the best AR/VR and MOBA elements, such as joystick/trackpad movement, natural locomotion for sprinting, interactive world, physics driven combat system, jungles, two lanes and 10 playable characters with unique abilities and over 70 weapons. No two games will have the same outcome. The game is played in matches between two teams of three players with each team defending their own separate Altar on the map. Each of the players independently control a powerful character. The game features 10 unique characters at release, each of which has their own unique weapons, abilities and upgrades

Coming 2nd Qrt 2021 

Cradle of Sins by U24 Solutions for the Oculus Quest
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