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Crashland by Llyr ap Cenydd logo
Release Date - 2/25/21

Crashland is a VR action horror game set on a hostile alien planet. You play as an intergalactic gladiator who is crashlanding and trying to survive until rescue. Combat in Crashland is fast, vicious, and brutal. You will fight giant hellworms in the desert, terror birds in the forest, scorpions in the mist and spiders in the dark. There is nowhere to hide. You will need to master your pistol, boomstick, scanner and teleporter to survive. New firing modes and powerups will drop during missions. By gaining XP you can level up, unlock perks, and radically alter how the game plays. Includes 24 unique missions across desert, forest, and mountain biomes. Featuring advanced procedural animation technology that helps bring the virtual creatures to life.

Review Coming Soon

Crashland by Llyr ap Cenydd for the Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest platforms
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