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Release Date - 9/25/18

Who could have imagined that Survios, developers of Raw Data and Sprint Vector would be coming out with a boxing game? Not only would they come out with a boxing game, but it would be attached to the Creed property from Rocky fame. This partnership between Survios and MGM Interactive could bring us the most exciting VR boxing game so far. We have several boxing games already with Thrill of the Fight and Knockout League, but Creed: Rise To Glory aims to best those efforts both in realism and playability. The game boasts impressive graphics and a detailed punching system sure to give any VR fan a real workout. In fact, if there is any negative to  this game, it could be the strenuous nature of boxing itself. People very rarely move their arms in punching motions as often as you'll end up doing in this game. Get the icy'hot ready!


Review Coming Soon 

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