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Crisis VRigade 2 by Sumalab logo
Release Date - 1/28/21

Crisis VRigade 2 is a Fast-Paced Virtual Reality Action Shooter that lets players take on the role of a SWAT trooper. Duty calls again! Crisis VRigade 2 takes up the baton of the first chapter and takes it to the next level: more action, more shootouts, more weapons, more difficulty, more blood, more everything! If you liked Crisis VRigade, you'll love Crisis VRigade 2. Feel what it's like to be inside a fire fight. Feel "real" bullet fear. Fight through a variety of realistic scenarios. 4 difficulty levels are incuded. Awesome boss battles. Tons of various weapons. Equip with power-ups before the battle. Skin your weapons and player. Zero motion sickness. Even features bHaptics support. Suit up!

Review Coming Soon

Crisis VRigade 2 by Sumalab for the Oculus Quest App Lab
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