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Release Date - 4/28/16

When the HTC Vive first arrived on the scene it brought with it a ton of various pong style games. Cyberpong is one of these games, but I'd have to say that it might be one of the best. Basically, imagine you're playing a first person breakout game. You have two paddles, and you're trying to hit balls at colored blocks, to stop the blocks from advancing. It's starts off simple enough, but the difficulty ramps up considerably. However, this isn't just a game of quick reflexes. You really have to think about the angles. The angles the balls are coming at you, the angles your paddle is aimed at. This is a thinking mans pong game that includes a bit of accidental exercise as well. You might get a bit hot and sweaty while playing it, but you won't really notice the fact you're burning calories. If only all our exercise could be this enjoyable.

Rating - 89 

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