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Release Date - 8/30/16

First off, I want to say that it's somewhat unfair for me to review this game so long after it was originally released. Every once in awhile, you'll have a game that is defined by a very specific moment in time. Damaged Core was released at a time when the Touch controllers were known to be coming, but weren't quite ready yet. It was a no-man's land of late Summer and Early Fall 2016. Oculus still needed some great games to cover them during this period, but they had to be controller based. Damaged Core was the perfect solution. It's entire concept was built around the idea of allowing people to use an Xbox controller, but still feel like they had legit agency to move around in the gameworld. In this post Touch world, the gameplay seems rather quaint. If for some reason, you're one of the very few Rift owners that still doesn't have Touch, then this could be your perfect game. Seriously though... buy Touch!

Rating - 78

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