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Release Date -12/6/16

Dead and Buried is a bright and colorful multiplayer game developed internally by Oculus Studios with a little help from Gunfire Games . You can select from five different game modes: Target Range, Quickdraw, Shootout, Horde and Robbery. Target Range allows for single player play, but the other 4 modes require 2 to 4 players. The action is fast and fun, and the multiplayer component works very well. You'll typically find yourself in shootouts with three other Oculus Rift owners. When everybody is talking and having a good time the game can be a real blast. The only real complaint is that you're basically rooted to one spot with no available locomotion options. Also, if you'd prefer to go it alone, there just isn't that much to do in this game. The Target Range will get boring quickly.

Rating - 87

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