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Release Date -12/5/16

Dead Hungry has you making burgers from anything (and everything!) to feed hordes of hungry zombies headed straight to your food truck. The gameplay is fast and the action is nonstop. The intensity is fueled by a really fun, yet knowingly corny, heavy metal soundtrack. The sound is one of the best features and turns an already addicting game into an intense experience that will leave you sweating. The heart of the game is to make burger combos while figuring out how to feed the zombies in an efficient manner. The levels get progressively harder, but when you fail, it makes you want to try again with a slightly different strategy. The game also lets you spin around and reach everything in your food truck without having to walk around, making this a great seated experience. While there isn't much here outside of what the usual time management game offers, Dead Hungry does a lot well and is challenging, fun, and addicting.

Rating - 74

(HTC Vive version reviewed)

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