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Death Lap by OZWE Games logo
Release Date - 12/5/19

OZWE Games, developer of Anshar Online and Anshar Wars 2, is back with a brand new Oculus Rift game called Death Lap. (The game is also available on the Oculus Quest) Death Lap is obviously some form of racing game, but exactly what type? It seems the two biggest influences for OZWE games was the Twisted Metal and Mario Kart series of racing/combat games. In the  trailer located below, you can see that while steering the car with one hand, your other hand can hold a submachine gun and wreck havoc on the other racers that dared to get in your way. Five vehicles are included, each of which is packing it's own unique personality and style. The idea of a Twisted Metal type game in VR is an exciting proposition indeed!

 Review Coming Soon

Death Lap by OZWE Games for the Oculus Rift
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