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Dement by Paracytik Entertainment logo
Release Date - October 2019

Dement is a story-driven dark adventure game that explores the concept of perception. Explore an open environment with various in-door locations, discover interesting characters, and defend yourself against a large variety of enemies with both melee and ranged weaponry - but most importantly... Find Lily.. The town of Wolfvale has many secrets. Located in a mountainous region of Washington, the people are generally pleasant and kind. However, in the small neighboring town of Quiet Mountain, a girl living with her father has seen what lies beneath the mask. Dement features various enemy types, from creatures that resemble something human and others... with more teeth. Rich environments to explore, from the open ended town of Wolfvale to the sunken interiors of buildings. 

Coming October 2019

Dement by Paracytick Entertainment for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index and Windows MR platforms
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